About us


The goal of Condes Interiors is delivering smart interiors. In our ateliers the most diverse materials such as solid wood, veneer, laminate, MDF, glass, metal and natural stone are transformed into magnificent custom-made items by experienced craftsmen and with specialised machines. These gems are then installed on the site by our own staff. We don’t limit ourselves to only executing designs drawn up by architects, interior architects and designers. If desired, we guarantee the entire process: design, budget monitoring, planning, execution and site supervision. Professional advice is always given regarding interior design and incorporating the appropriate systems. In short, the carefree realisation of interiors from A to Z!


Since its establishment in 1994, Condes has focused on custom-made cabinets. Customers were mainly construction companies. The turnover increased constantly but Condes only produced items following the design and plans of external architects and interior decorators. In 2006, the company was largely taken over by interior decorator Yves Henskens. Together with carpenter Eddy Alen, both passionate about everything related to interiors and woodworking, and a team of motivated and competent employees they put their backs into Condes Interiors. An extra dimension was added: Condes Interiors can now handle both the design and execution of projects. A unique collaboration. The best of two worlds!


For architects, interior decorators, designers, construction companies:

Condes Interiors usually works as an implementer. Our customers can count on a correct price, sophisticated planning and measuring techniques and trouble-free installation.

For private individuals:
They contact Condes Interiors and can call on the expertise of an interior designer for designs and execution plans, and they can call on the experience of a carpenter for production and installation.


From centrally located Tienen, projects are carried out all over the Benelux.